With tens of thousands of hits during the priod of  all festivals organized by ASSOCIATION ORGANIZATION goes live, AWD is a hit!

The cost to sponsor our event starts at just 25 euro. Another way to get involved is to sponsor events  venues, where stages will be design with your company Banner,  Accommodation for groups where all dance members will be wearing vest with your company logo before and during events from their different countries before arriving and during events, e.t.c . during radio, new papers and T.v advertisement your products and logo will also be show in reference to sponsorship, stand during festivals priods including flyers, postars e.t.c. These are excellent marketing opportunities since most of the run's attendees will see your company's logo and messaging.  and you can supply a banner that will be on display during the activity.

Once you become a sponsor of AWD, there are opportunities to provide our run attendees with coupons for your company's products and services, and more. Most of our proceeds go to the charity.

Please let us know if you have any questions or need any additional information. Contact us now.