Vienna Austria, 2019 March 14-18

             2019 March 14-18  Vienna-Austria

This events is open to all type of performance countries and all dance groups all over the World to be part of this historical event and dance groups including Ballet, modern dance , folk dance,folk Music, drummer ,Traditional dance group, chorus, Acrobats, circus  e.t.c, can apply to represent their nations heritage.


GROUP (А) – choreographic groups and soloists:

GROUP (B) – instrumental groups and soloists:

GROUP (С) – singing (choirs, musicals, ensembles, duets, trios, soloists):

GROUP (D) – artists and authors of the decorative and applied arts’ products, fashion theaters e.t.c

Full details and accommodation in the application or click on 2019 events

Events and Contest is open to all dance

Prices of budgetary festival – contest

·         accommodation in a triple room €350 /person – extra day €55/person 1

·         accommodation in a double room €365 /person – extra day €73/person

·         accommodation in a single room €390 /person – extra day €80/person

·         soloists pay extra €150.

·         duets pay extra €100 for a duet.

·         small groups of 3-5 persons pay extra €80 for a group.

·         For participating in each additional nomination – extra charge €45 per person.

Free places

Each 25th group’s participant gets a pack of our services for free!*

*All the list of the assignable services you can find in the section “What is included into the price”.

What is included into the price

·         4 days and 3 nights in a three-star hotel;

·         full board, buffet (breakfast, lunch, dinner) + drinks;

·         competitive viewing and award ceremony;

·         special thank-you certificates in the form of engraving on a special basis from the town´s authorities

·         thank-you letters for choreographers and sponsors on the official numbered letterheads of the Organization

·         festival fee;

·         for team leaders from 25 people we provide accommodation in a double room for the cost of living in a triple room;

·         battles with prizes;

Attention:  We can provide you with a transfer from airports and train stations to the hotel and back. Ask our managers for the price: 
Attention:  Check out from the hotel at 10:00.

* Price does not include tourist tax.
Tourist tax is paid directly by the client directly to the hotel at check in: in 0.5 Euro / person / night

Extra services

·         Original pictures from the contest, gala concert and the award ceremony on a CD/flash drive;

·         Photo services during the trips/excursions. Photoshoots for groups and soloists;

·         Concertmaster;

·         Hair stylist (Make up and hairstyle);

·         Master classes from the Austria arts work.

·         Assisting Translator. (accompanying person);

Video shooting of a contest/gala concert.* All the extra services are provided on demand. They should be requested minimum  3 days before the beginning of the contest. The prices of the extra services are to be specified from our manage




  2019 January 31st-Februay 3rd Hamburg-Germany

Aims of this event is to bring all forms of dance and folk, traditional, cultural performance, solo dance drummers,/Folk dance, Folk music, Acrobatic e.t.c together to celebrate and present thier historical heritage. during this event through dance, Group can be able to know more about one and another culture, German culture with exchange of cross cultural heritage. German Group will be presenting German culture, Group will visit different places , excursions, Sightseeing, spa baths for interested groups, Tourism in Hamburg.


2019 .01. 31 Arriving at any time to hotel choose by dance leader,  

2019.02.01   Exursion programs after breakfast for interested groups and Possible evening welcome party,   

 2019.02.02   Workshop , exhibition programs and Meeting all day events.  All day events     

7.00am  Exhibition start  in the city center, 12:00  Parade, 12:30pm lectures e.t.c

14:00 pm departing to Events center, rehearsal and Technical sound test e.t.c and events start from 17:00 pm with opening ceremony of the City Major as performance beginning with each dance group, diploma certificate will be giving and exchange of gift as performance continue.

2019.02.03  Departure from accomodation after breakfast,  Thermal Bath/ Shopping  and depart to your country  

 or excursion and Thermal Bath programs kindly let us know how many people in your group  in other to send details And for groups who also wish to arrive ealier and stay more days have to take care of those extra period and  kindly write us email in notics BUT organization cannot take care of extra days only as stated above rules.

 This Festival embrace all form of folk dance and folk music, traditional dance and Drummer of all nations and  culture. 

Group will be Loged  in 3star hotel during festival


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